Postgame Transcript – WK6 CLE – Patriots Players

Patriots Players (10.16.22)


Patriots C David Andrews:

On if the Patriots were clicking on all three units:

“Definitely. Always good to get a win on the road. Got a long week here, take a look at it, get it corrected and get ready for Monday night.”


On the importance of converting on 3rd-and-longs:

“For the most part, we did a pretty good job. (QB Bailey) Zappe made some great throws. Receivers got open. We can do it all. We just have to clean some things up and keep it moving here.”


On what he sees from QB Bailey Zappe:

“A lot of poise. A lot of composure. Had a lot of fun out there. I think he does a really good job for us and is doing what is asked of him.”


On the offense’s progress:

“Our defense helped us out a lot. They made some really big plays. That was some good complimentary football. When they give us those opportunities, we have to capitalize on them. I think we did a lot of good things. Have to clean some things up. They did some things that challenged us. Always good to cap off the game like that. Got a little hairy, then we were able to finish it off.”


Patriots LB Matthew Judon:

On how pleased he was on what he saw on all three units today:

“That was just a hard fought game. We came out here, executed and did what needed to do to get the win. That is a really good football team over there and they were playing well. We just kind of came out here and did what we needed to do.”


On how much of a priority it was to hold the Browns at 70 yds.:

“We tried to make them play left handed. We knew that they had three really good backs but really (Browns RB Nick) Chubb and (Browns RB) Kareem (Hunt) were running it really well. We tried to just stop them and we put all of our eggs in one basket.”


On his thoughts of Coach Belichick tying George Halas on all-time win list:

“That is just a lot of hard work, a lot of hours, a lot of execution and a lot of attention to detail that he bestows on his players. We just go out there and execute. For him to tie that record and hopefully overcome it, that is really really nice.”


On how significant it was to the team in the locker room after this game:

“He really did not bring it up and no one really told us so, I really did not know until now. We will kind of talk to him about it.”


On how good it is to get back to .500:

“Always good to get back to .500, but it is just good to get a win. We have to take this week one game at a time. Just to get that win and stack two of them, we have to keep doing that.”


On how significant it is to get turnovers:

“To get the ball back to the offense in any kind of form, whether that is just a regular turnover or turnover on downs. That just means that they are not scoring and the ball gets back to the offense, where we can run some plays, run some time or just chew on the clock. So, with him not getting that fourth down, that is just a good stop for us.”


Patriots DB Jalen Mills:

On his battle with Browns WR Amari Cooper:

“It was good. I have been battling against (Browns WR Amari) Coop (Cooper) since our freshman year in college. He is a really big receiver in this league so we know each other pretty well.”


On the boost from the young guys:

“It is exciting to see those young guys out there and make plays and execute.”


On the growth from the young guys:

“It is everyday. They are continuously asking questions. Coach corrects them all. As young guys, you have to keep growing.”


On Head Coach Bill Belichick’s milestone:

“I do not know if everybody knew about it, but I knew about it. I gave coach a high-five and a hug and told him congratulations. It is big. He is a part of history and he deserves it.”


On what Bill Belichek means to him:

“The reason why I am in a Patriots uniform and signed here. To be coached by one of the best to ever do it, learning every game from him – I think that is the biggest thing.”


Patriots WR Matthew Slater:

On QB Bailey Zappe:

“Really proud of what he has done. You rewind a month ago, and nobody is talking about him being a contributor for our team. That is the National Football League, you never know when your moment is going to come. Your hope is that you prepare enough and are able to take advantage of it. I think that man is doing just that.”


On all the work needed to win:

“Between (QB) Bailey (Zappe), (DB Brenden) School(er), (WR) Tyquon (Thornton) and (DB) Marcus (Jones), the list goes on. They are playing great football for this team and we need them to. There is a reason we kept so many of them. They continue to show up for us and get better.”


On the milestone win for coach Bill Belichek:

“We did not talk about it because he tied. Hopefully we get a chance to celebrate him winning second place by himself sooner than later. Unbelievable what he has done. I think that it is only fitting that we are here in Cleveland, the city that ran him out. He is proving all these years later that he is the best.”


Patriots TE Jonnu Smith:

On how it felt for him and TE Hunter Henry make some big plays:

“It felt good. We were able to capitalize and do what we can and take advantage.”


On what he has seen in Patriots QB Bailey Zappe:

“He is making a ton of improvements, looks comfortable and settled down trying to figure it out. He knows he has a lot to improve on. For him to have that mindset, he has made a lot of strides in his game. Hats off to him these past couple weeks, coming in doing a helluva job. I couldn’t be more proud of him.”


On what ways QB Bailey Zappe has exceeded his expectations:

“He is still a rookie so we won’t say Zappe is the G.O.A.T,  but he definitely has impressed. He looks more comfortable.”


On what it is like to play for Bill Belichick and what does it mean to get him to a tie of second in coaching wins:

“When I go back to free agency last year, and when I knew I had an opportunity to become a Patriot, it was a no brainer. Not just because of a historical franchise and all the wins, but Coach (Bill) Belichick is such a football mind, kind of like a football maniac. I knew I was going to learn the game from a different set of eyes. To take that advantage as a football player, competitor, and student of the game meant a lot to me. He is a great person, and also gives us presentations on the history of the game and I appreciate that.”


Patriots RB Rhamondre Stevenson:

On the significance of running the ball today:

“It was huge. I feel like the Browns made a huge effort of stopping the run. They made us run the ball a little more tough.”


On his touchdown on 3rd and 10:

“It is always great to get six points on the board. My offensive line was just working and it really just opened right up for me.”


On Patriots QB Bailey Zappe:

“He is a great player. He is doing his best out there. I think everybody can see that he is completing passes.”


Patriots DL Deatrich Wise Jr.:

On pressuring QB Jacoby Brissett:

“All week our goal was to stop the run and cut to the passer. I believe today we did that.”


On holding the Browns to 70 yards rushing:

“I did not even know that we held them to 70 yards. We were just playing and our number one goal was to stop (Browns RB Nick) Chubb. To hear that, that is very exciting. I believe we came out there and we met our goal of stopping the runs and then cutting to the passer. When it was time to pass-rush, we would get after them.”


On team chemistry right now:

“Most definitely, everything is clicking together. We still have some things to clean up, we will watch film to see where that is at. Right now, we are doing a great job. We started last week and we want to keep the momentum going and do the same thing this week.”


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