Postgame Transcript – WK3 BAL – Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick


September 25, 2022


BB: All right. I mean, we all saw it here. We certainly had our chances today. We weren’t able to take advantage of some of them. The Ravens made more plays than we did. They’re a good team. They were able to take advantage of our mistakes. We weren’t able to capitalize on I would say probably as many of theirs, so. All the way across the board, just a few plays here and there that we need to play better, need to coach better, need to do better. But, you know, certainly made too many mistakes today to be able to win.


Q: Have you had the chance to see Mac since he left the field today? Any update on his condition?  

BB: No. Just got in.


Q: Can you share even what happened, if there was any contact on the play? I’m sorry, but they didn’t show a replay. Why was Mac limping?

BB: No.


Q: Defensively three touchdowns of 70-plus yards surrendered defensively. What were the problems today?  

BB: They had a couple explosive plays. Their drives were 70 yards, so it wasn’t 70-yard plays. We had a couple opportunities to get off the field on third down, but they are a good first- and second-down team. That’s really where they hurt us the most. They had a couple of third down conversions that kept those drives going.

We had some stops, we had some turnovers. We just weren’t able to capitalize on those when we got them. That’s really just total team football.


Q: You talked about the opportunities late in the game. Can you talk about the four late turnovers, really the dagger in this one, how upsetting that is to happen late in the game.

BB: Yeah, you’re not going to win turning the ball over in the fourth quarter. You’re behind, you got to be aggressive. But still on those, we got to do a better job than we did on those plays, for sure.


Q: 30 seconds before halftime you get some passes, go for the field goal. The past couple years you have been pretty conservative in that area before halftime. What is different this year that led you to being more aggressive in that scenario?

BB: Yeah, I think each game, each situation is different, so… Not really sure what game or what situation you’re referring to in the past. Doesn’t really matter. Today we thought we had an opportunity to do that. We were able to get the ball in the field goal range, get out of bounds with no timeouts on the next-to-last play, and Nick [Folk] made a good kick.


Q.: What did the Ravens do in the second half there with the Lamar Jackson run game that led to them being as effective as they were?  

BB: I don’t think there were any new plays. They ran their C gap plays. Lamar did a good job on keeping some of those, not keeping those, the option choices that he made. We lost leverage, missed a couple of tackles there, so… Combination of all those things.


Q: Going for the two-point in that spot, what are some of the situational things you’re weighing when making that call?  

BB: What are what?


Q: What are some of the situational things, factors you’re considering when you’re deciding whether or not to go for two in that spot?

BB: The score and the time left in the game.


Q: What is your upshot through three games? Do you feel this was a couple turnovers here and there, plays here and there? Do you feel like the team is progressing the way you’d like in all three phases?

BB: I made my comments on today’s game. I think that’s really all that matters. All right. Thank you.


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