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September 26, 2022

Q: A question on the high ankle sprain, the tightrope surgery that has been done on high ankle sprains lately, it was big when you were at Alabama. I know you had mentioned it a couple of years ago. There was a quote from you today just on the efficacy of it. I was wondering if that was something that has come up in your recovery process and your thoughts on that potentially being an avenue here?

MJ: Yeah I’m just kind of taking it day-to-day and making sure everything’s good. Honestly, any injury questions are Coach Belichick’s thing. So I’m not here to answer them. I appreciate everyone kind of reaching out and looking out for me. But it’s kind of just a day-to-day thing. I’m just trying to get better.


Q: How are you feeling today? At what point will you learn when you can get back on the football field?

MJ: I feel good. Obviously, wish we played better. Obviously, I can play better. We just have to watch the film like we did and come up with ways to do things better. So that’s pretty much it. Like I said, I’m just going to take it day-by-day, get my treatment and do what I do. So just see how it goes from there.


Q: Is there an intent to be ready to play this week? Is that your goal at this point?

MJ: I think, like I said, just taking it day-by-day, and see how I feel and do my treatment and kind of just go through that. Like I always do, just focus on today. Then when tomorrow comes, focus on tomorrow. But definitely any updates, like I said, you can talk to Coach about.


Q: Just on the game for a second, a lot of the guys were frustrated with the number of plays they left out there on the field. What was your process in watching the game? How did you see how things developed, both in the game and in watching film? 

MJ: I thought there were a bunch of really good plays and some not so good plays. So just trying to figure out how we can play better and do better as players. So definitely on the same page there. I think we did a lot of good things. But, obviously, didn’t win. So it doesn’t count. We want to win and do things better.


Q: How confident are you just that you’ll play again this season?

MJ: Yeah, like I said, just going to take it day-by-day, and kind of get my treatment and do what I do. So just see how I feel. If you have anymore like those type questions just talk to Coach Belichick. I think he likes to answer those questions. So you can ask him.


Q: Can you take us back to the endzone throw to DeVante [Parker] that [Marlon] Humphrey ended up picking off? It seemed like you guys obviously weren’t on the same page. From your perspective, can you share us any insight on what unfolded on that one?

MJ: I think just, like I said earlier, a lot of good plays out there. DeVante [Parker] had a lot of good plays. Obviously, we had some bad ones too. So just trying to get those ironed out. It’s the game. It’s early in the season. Definitely, like I said, we want more good plays. So try to take the bad ones and eliminate them. Create more good positive plays and do that more consistently. Then we won’t have to be in that situation.


Q: Could you walk us through the play and sort of what it felt? What you remember? There’s some images there of you being in understandably, quite a bit of agony. So maybe even at the time mentally how you were trying to process what was going on.

MJ: I think, like I said, it is what it is. I’m just going to focus on day-by-day. Get my treatment and do what I do. It’s football. It’s physical. I feel good about it. Like I said, if you have any more specifics you can talk to Coach Belichick about it.


Q: It wasn’t anything specific. I didn’t have to ask Bill [Belichick]. I was just wondering how it felt.  

MJ: Awesome, thanks.


Q: Related to that [DeVante] Parker interception where three points isn’t a bad outcome there. I know you’re competitive and you’re trying to make a play. How do you balance that, managing the game for the team, while also trying to make a big play. How do you think you’re doing three games into the season as far as managing those types of situations?

MJ: Yeah I think that’s a great question Greg [Bedard]. Definitely, like you said, super competitive. So just knowing when to call it quits and put the good plays out there. I did that a lot yesterday. We did that a lot. It’s just the more consistent we can do it, the more opportunity that we won’t even be in that situation. So just trying to get more good plays out there. Trying to do it right every time.


Q: Regardless of whether you’re getting surgery or playing this weekend, I’m just wondering Tua [Tagovailoa] and Jalen Hurts both had high ankle sprains at Alabama and came back quickly. I’m just wondering if you’ve reached out them, or if you plan to reach out to them for any sort of advice or information on treatment of any kind?

MJ: I think everyone’s different. Like I said, I’m just going to take it day-to-day kind of, get my treatment and see how I feel. Everyone’s different. So I can’t speak for other people.


Q: You took off running five times, 31 yards. You scored your first rushing touchdown. What is it when you’re back there, what are you seeing? What is it that leads you to decide to scramble? 

MJ: I think we have really good skill players and a great offensive line. So just trying to get them the ball. Like I always say, they get more yards than what I will ever get. So whatever I can do to get them the ball better, I’m going to try to do. But it’s always good to get positive plays and put them in the good play category whenever you make positive plays. So definitely want more of those and try to do it right and get the ball to those guys.


Q: How much of an emphasis there has been to throw the balls down the field this year? It’s three games but I think through three games here you’re near the top of the league in terms of average distance on your throws. So how much of an emphasis has that been for you guys?

MJ: I think explosive plays are always good. I think a lot of the really good teams in the NFL make explosives plays. Just being able to do that and then also hold on to the ball and have a fine line between the two I think is really important. So explosive plays are good plays. We want more of those. So they’re doing a good job of giving me time. The offensive line’s done a great job all year. Obviously they’re a big part of it. They might not show up on the stat sheet for the explosive play. But there’s a lot of things that they’re doing to create those as well. So shoutout to those guys.



Q: I know you keep saying you’re day-by-day, is there any significance to you saying day-by-day, rather than week-by-week, or any other timeframe?

MJ: I think, like I said, just day-by-day. Just get my treatment and see how I feel. A lot of times you don’t really know exactly what happens. You just have to take it, get your treatment, and hopefully you feel better the next day. You just grow from there. So definitely want to do that and just try to get better.


Q: Today it was reported that you decided today to get a second opinion. Is that true?

MJ:  Yeah, like I said, just trying to take it day-by-day. Make sure I get my health back. That’s just getting my treatment and kind of going through the process of what can I do to be better. I’m always going to do that regardless of the week, and this week is no different.


Q: Was that a part of your process, seeking a second opinion?

MJ: Like I said, I’m just waiting on the time here. Just kind of letting it play out and see how I feel. I don’t really have a lot of information on that. Honestly just trying to make it to tomorrow. Get my rehab going there too.

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