Patriots QB Mac Jones



OCTOBER 22, 2023


Q: Mac, after you guys had such a tough start to the season, just how good does this feel? And what does it do for a locker room to get a win over this Bills team today?

MJ: Yeah, I think just keep fighting and, you know, it’s just a crumb, right? That’s what I always say. And you’ve got to build off that. You’ve got to build off that and attack every day the same. It’s all about playing for each other, playing for the guy next to you and understanding why. So we did that today and we need to continue to do that every day in practice and in the games.


Q: Mac, I was talking to Davon Godchaux in the locker room and he said he came up to you before the drive and told you to be like Mike [Jordan] and Kobe [Bryant]. I just wanted to ask you what your interaction was like.

MJ: Yeah, DG [Davon Godchaux]. Ever since I’ve gotten here, he’s been one of my close buddies. He keeps it loose. He’s funny. He makes plays out there. And I know he has confidence in me and that means a lot to me as a younger player, compared to him who’s been in the league for a little bit. And he’s done a great job and I want to continue to do that and make people believe.


Q: Mac, you know, after the last few weeks, how were you able to stay confident and composed and what would you attribute to being able to bounce back here?

MJ: Yeah, I just think sticking to the process, like I talked about. It’s hard when the results aren’t there. But continue to do that and continue to get better. We left some stuff out there, as always. But at the end of the day, we fought back. And the offensive line, especially, just gave me the time I needed today. And when I have time, I can read the offense how we’re supposed to and I really appreciate those guys.


Q: Mac, if just put you on the spot, what’s the first play you remember from today’s game? What’s the one that’s going to stick with you?

MJ: I don’t really, like, look at a certain play. Honestly, for me, it’s all about the team, right? So you think about, you know, whether it was a good punt that Bryce [Baringer] had to put them down there or whatever. And that’s something that I always look at; special teams, defense, interception early. Like, that’s amazing, right? We start the game like that, that brings the energy, all that stuff. And really just the offensive line’s play today is what really stood out to me. They made everything work; run game, passing game. And, you know, I had a couple plays where I dropped my eyes, and that’s not on them, that’s on me. So I definitely think about some of the things I could do better versus some of the things that we did.


Q: Mac, when you were asked about Davon Godchaux, you said something about you want to make people believe.  

MJ: Yeah.


Q: How much did that last drive maybe help in terms of your belief in yourself?

MJ: I’ll always believe in myself. I have a lot of confidence in myself. And I’m not going to sit up here and say it every time. But I do believe in myself. And I do that through work and all that stuff. That’s why football’s the greatest team sport. It’s the quarterback, you go as your quarterback goes. So for me, just continuing to be the same guy every day and just be Mac.


Q: How far do you think that drive can help maybe in terms of garnering more belief from your teammates?

MJ: Yeah, I think just continuing to do it. Like I said, it’s just a crumb. And just keep picking up those crumbs and eventually you’ll have a whole loaf of bread. That’s my goal, continuing to work and continuing to be Mac. Like I said, it’s just one game, right? I always say that regardless of the results. Got to do it again. Got to fight every day and practice hard.


Q: Hey, Mac, so you talk about being Mac and I know a couple weeks you mentioned you want to have fun and be animated. And I know you let people know when things weren’t going right. Was there something that changed or do you feel like you kind of hit your stride in the past couple weeks?

MJ: Yeah, Taylor, I think the biggest thing is always being me, you know, through the ups and downs. And a lot of times, people will look at you maybe when you’re not all the way up, you’re kind of not doing too good and they want to see how you respond. That’s what I focus is, is the response. And the process every day. I stick to my process, adjust my process, and then I try and, you know, carry that onto the field. So regardless of everything around you, when you stick to the process, it usually turns out good eventually.


Q: It’s been about two years since your last fourth quarter comeback or game-winning drive. What felt different in those last two minutes this time than it had in games past when you didn’t come up with a game-winning drive?

MJ: Yeah, when you look at all of them – I’ve looked at all of them a lot – there’s a lot of things that go on around and I have to continue to focus on my job and continuing to read the plays how I’m supposed to and just lower my pulse and go out there and execute. I think that’s what I told the guys in the huddle, ‘Just take a deep breath and let’s go do it, right?’ Half of it’s just belief. And the other half is execution. You’ve got to continue to grow on that. And I think when you look at the other ones, when you look back, it’s hard because you wish you had more. I’m going to look at the positive and grow on this and do it every time I get it.


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