Jets QB Trevor Siemian


January 7, 2024


Q: How tough were the conditions out there?

TS: Pretty tough. We’ve had several rain games, I think at home, but I didn’t play in all those. But this was the toughest I’ve played in I would say, condition-wise. A lot of fun, kind of gritty, gritty game. Fun, but yeah, tough sledding out there.


Q: Was there a point in the week when you saw the forecast where you thought this would be a Breece Hall game? Maybe not 37 carries, but you thought you would lean on him?

TS: Yeah, probably always a good thing for us if we can get him that many touches. You know, I think we saw the weather, but I didn’t know how bad it was going to be. Because there can be snow and that’s no problem, but it got a little wet at times. The wind was blowing. Unique for sure.


Q: What can you say about what Breece Hall did today?

TS: What can’t he do? The guy is unbelievable. Just when you think he’s bottled up or somebody’s going to bring him to the ground, he slips out of it. You see the highlight runs, but the runs where he turns a one yarder into a three or four yarder are just as important, or loss of one into a gain of two. The guy is special. Catches the ball like a wide receiver. I can talk forever about him. I don’t know if we have enough time to cover everything. Guy is pretty good at football.


Q: You’ve been around this building a couple times the last few years. What do you think ending this streak means for the locker room moving forward?

TS: I hope it means a lot. I think there is a lot to be said winning the last game of the season, and just in my eyes just so you don’t have to talk about it anymore. I’m sure Coach isn’t fired up when he gets questions about that kind of stuff. Good to put it to bed. Yeah, next year will be a new year. This team will die – for lack of a better word, just so you don’t have to talk about it anymore probably.


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