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SEPTEMBER 10, 2023


Q: How would you evaluate your performance today?

JH: I think first and foremost, I think that’s a great, great win, a great win for us, being able to be resilient. Obviously for me, winning is the only thing that matters and that’s something that I’ve always said all the time. And so that is the mentality right now. That will always be the mentality. Winning is the only thing that matters. I think we obviously have things that we need to work on and have to be better in those situations when the ball is in my hands, and I take full accountability for that. But good thing about it is we get the opportunity to play on Thursday.


Q: How did it go with the first time live with Brian Johnson calling the plays?

JH: I think Brian did a great job for us. I’ve said these things throughout training camp and I’ve made that clear of us searching for an identity and us trying to find an identity and that’s something that we are navigating, and that is something that happens when you have different roles and new guys and new places and new faces. We’re going to continue to grow. It’s easy for us to grow and always better when you win and so give a lot of credit to Jake Elliot. I don’t like him kicking. But you know, he showed up and he made big-time, big-time plays all night for us. That was huge. That was huge. And then our defense, how they played and how they were able to turn the ball over and get points for us that, was huge as well. A lot to clean up obviously. A lot to clean up. But always good to have a lot to clean up when you win and I’ll reiterate, winning is the only thing that matters.


Q: What did they do to take Dallas Goedert away from you? Seemed like he didn’t get targets until the fourth quarter.

JH: I think for us, I think as an offense, you try not to let the conditions of the game deter you from playing a certain type of way, and I just think for us, we just want to execute at a high level. We’ve got different guys getting opportunities to make plays and some guys, you know, it may not seem as much,– but ultimately when you have an opportunity to make a play, take advantage of it. There was a lot to grow from in that and there’s a lot for me to personally grow from as well, to continue to be a point guard of the offense.


Q: How challenging was it, the disguise they were doing on defense?

JH: I think they are a really good defense. That’s what the NFL is. The NFL is a huge league of disguises. That’s what it is, you know what I’m saying, so for us, I don’t think it’s necessarily about anyone else. It’s about us and how we control the things that we can. You know, that’s always been the reality for us, so we’ve got to be able to execute at a better level and a higher level, and we have to be more efficient.


Q: I know you took a couple big hits in this game. How did you come out physically?

JH: Ready for Thursday.


Q: The issues on third downs, in particular, you guys were 4 of 13.

JH: We didn’t get the first down. That’s the biggest issue. You know, and those things look different. Those things look different; and every time you have an opportunity to convert, and we didn’t do enough tonight. But we won. Again, winning is the only thing that matters.


Q: Nick Sirianni said just prior to when you came in about he’s going to re-valuate his approach to the preseason next year, maybe play you guys a little more in games.

JH: That’s a long time from now. I couldn’t care less about that. We won the game. That’s a long time from now. We have a game on Thursday and we are eager to prepare for that one.


Q: Do you feel like that might have helped had you guys gotten some game action?

JH: It’s over now. It’s over now. Would’ve, could’ve, should’ve, we won and winning is the only thing that matters.


Q: How meaningful was it to throw that touchdown to DeVonta Smith after he had his first child?

JH: It was a very nice moment, a very nice moment for him. You know, obviously he’s a big-time player but even better person. So I can only imagine how great of a father he’ll be.


Q: You were very run-heavy early in this game. Was this something you came into this game thinking you’d emphasize?

JH: I think the rain had a little bit to do with that.


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