Postgame Transcript – WK6 CLE – Patriots QB Bailey Zappe

Patriots QB Bailey Zappe (10.16.22)


On if it felt good to win this week:

“Yeah, it feels good to win no matter what honestly. We played good today. Played good in all three phases. The offense played well. Great win for us today.”


On the recovery from the strip sack, how did he feel:

“I think the biggest thing is staying with the game plan, nothing outside the game plan. The receivers played well, the tight ends played well, the running back played well. We just had a really good offensive day today. Celebrate today and then on to the Bears.”


On what impacted the rhythm of the offensive game:

“I think my teammates and my coaches just helped calm me down. Just play the football, that is the biggest thing.  Just play the football. Stay attached to the game, do your job, that is really about it.”


On spreading the ball around the field and if that was a key part of his success offensively:

“I think it was a big key. We have a really good receiver team, we have a really good tight end group, we have a bunch of guys that can get open, a bunch of guys that can run routes, a bunch of guys that can get open and catch the ball and do things after they catch the ball. We showed up today and it was a good day for those guys. Good day for the o-line, good day for the running backs. It was a great day for the team.”


On the team capitalizing and complementing one another on the field:

“That’s playing football for us. We play complimentary football. The defense was playing good. They get stops, the offense takes advantage of it. Today, we played good in all phases. It was amazing to see that.”


On if he has allowed himself to step back and look at all he has accomplished:

“To be quite honest with you, I am just taking advantage of the opportunity and practice. I’m taking it week by week, as we come back tomorrow and watch the film on this game, it is really on to the Bears.”


On what has made him feel more comfortable the past two games:

“Definitely my teammates and my coaches. They have definitely supported me. I ask a lot of questions on the sidelines and they keep me calm on the field. When you have guys like we have on the offensive side, it is very easy.”


On how the last two games have exceeded his expectations:

“We have definitely made some strides, of course there are some things we can fix up on the offensive, I’m sure the defense has some things on their side that they can fix up, special teams. That’s the great thing about football. We always have next week, we always have next practice.”


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