Postgame Transcript – PS2 CAR – Panthers QB PJ Walker


August 19, 2022


Q: PJ, you go out there tonight finding out you’re starting. What did you want to improve in this opportunity tonight?

PW: Personally, just move the ball, put up points, be efficient on offense. At times we did it, but, I don’t think the end result was what we wanted. For me it’s just get back to what I do. Just get back to what we do as a team and to figure it out and try to get better.


Q: You were visibly frustrated as you left the field, understandably. Tell us what was going through your mind.

PW: Just two bad throws that got away from me. You know, with the situation that I’m in, I can’t afford to have those bad plays. I can’t afford to have those two bad throws get away from me.


Q: Do you want this team to trade or release you so you have a chance somewhere else?

PW: Personally, that’s not my decision. I’m just going to go out there and go to work. I’m here, so that’s all that matters. I’m present here.


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