Postgame Transcript – PS2 CAR – Panthers Players

Tae Hayes, CB

(On the pick-six)

“We were in man coverage and they ran something they’ve been running all night. I saw it coming and I made a play on it.”


(On the preseason so far)

“I’ve just been out there playing ball. I’ve got a knack for making plays anyway, it’s kind of what I do. I’ve been kind of working on my technique, being disciplined. When you do that stuff it just works out for you. And really it just worked out for me.”


(On the celebration in the end zone)

“It was cool, I’ve never had an interception before. That was my first pick-six so it was cool. The fans were more excited than I was. I mean I was excited, but when I saw the fans, I thought that is pretty cool seeing how excited they looked when I had that pick-six.”


(On coming back this year fighting for a spot)

“That’s why it was so cool when all the guys came running off the bench like that. Because I was here last year and I left. Coming back and just for them to accept me and appreciate me making plays. I thought that was cool. Guys could have been like, ‘I don’t want to see him doing –” so I appreciate that. That’s what a good team does, they cheer each other.”


(On today)

“Today was my birthday, so that was a good birthday gift for me.”

Donte Jackson, CB

(On the Tae Hayes interception)

“Tae [Hayes] has been doing that and he has been having great weeks at camp since the day he came here. It doesn’t surprise any of us. He has been doing this all camp and knows his job and has been going out there and executes.”


(On the takeaways from the week)

“It is just football and this is a football city. They are passionate about their ball from both the players to the fans. We just came out and tried to match the intensity.”


(On if were they successful matching the intensity)

“Most definitely, we got some good things done. We got to play against an offense that is constantly being top ranked. I think we got a lot of good things done and left with our head in the right direction.”


John Lovett, RB

(On his play)

“Just getting better every week and every day with this team. I am excited for the future with this team and the direction that we are going.”


(On the joint practices)

“I think the joint practices are very good. I like the strategy behind them. Going against a different color jersey, everybody comes with their A game so you get the best of the best. I feel we grew stronger as a team as we traveled out here and spent a week. I think we are getting better.”


Frankie Luvu, LB

(On the joint practices and the game)

“I feel like as a team we are learning. It was very useful. Just going out against somebody else. Seeing a different look and then seeing guys step up and perform. The team is coming together. We still have a lot of improvements to work on.”


Julian Stanford, LB

(On his play)

“I think overall I played pretty well. I’m just trying to do my job. I am one of eleven. Obviously you go back and check the tape because there are always things you can learn from and things you could do better. There are a couple plays I wish I could have back, as always. That’s all part of the process of getting better.”


(On the joint practices)

“It was very beneficial. It gave us the opportunity to go against somebody in a different color jersey, see different schemes and different players. Sharpen our blades and just get better.”


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