Postgame Transcript – PS1 NYG – Giants Players

Daniel Jones, QB

(On what the team needs to work on in the pre-season)

“I think it’s continuing what we have been working on. It’s sharpening up the details and obviously in the pre- season, you are pretty basic with your game plan and with what you are calling. We need to continue to evolve and progress the offense as we roll out more stuff and detail it out. Like I said, I thought it was a good start.”


(On working with Collin Johnson)

“He has been moving around a lot and he is good player. He brings a lot to the table with his size and route-running ability. He played well tonight and he has played big for us all camp. We will keep working with him.”


(On getting Coach Kafka calling the offense)

“I thought he did a great job. He put us in some good situations and we moved the ball well. I thought he did a great job.”


(On taking some hits in the game)

“It felt good to get out there and it was just like it used to be. That’s football right? That’s football and I felt good out there. I didn’t think a whole lot about the neck or anything like that. I felt good and it was just football.”


(On how the offense ran operationally)

“I thought it was good and I thought it was clean. We moved the ball and converted some third downs. The second drive we got in a tough situation with third and long, but I thought it was clean just from an operational standpoint. There were certainly some plays we can look at and do better and clean up, but overall I thought it was good.”


Saquon Barkley, RB

(On the offense)

“I think there was good and bad. We have to go back and watch film and learn from it. But that’s what preseason is for, to try to sharpen up the tools, sharpen up the game. Whatever we didn’t execute well, we have to make sure we do it in practice.”


(On how he personally felt)

“I felt good. I think our offensive line did a great job. We were able to move the ball. I was able to get a catch on a third and five to keep the sticks moving. It was a great throw by DJ [Daniel Jones] great read by DJ. My body just feels really good. So like I said, taking it one day at a time and improve off this.”


(On getting into a rhythm with the blocking schemes of the offense)

“I think we’ve been doing a great job, not only in the game but in practice. I think the offensive line has been doing a great job, and the running backs have been getting downfield. That’s where you got to get it at in practice.”


Darrian Beavers, ILB

(On the defensive scheme)

“It was really vanilla, it was just really basic. Just to see the guys flying around doing the best they can. I feel they kept it basic so we could be able to fly around.”


(On the feeling of playing in the league for the first time)

“You want to see how you compete against other guys in the league. So when it comes down to it, you’re just playing football. So I just feel like you don’t have to think about those things. You just have to think about playing football. Doing your job and trying to make plays when the plays come.”


Kayvon Thibodeaux, LB

(On the game)

“I was using my moves and really putting everything I have been working on and making it happen in the game.”


(On playing a limited amount in the preseason)

“I didn’t really know how much I was going to play. They told us a little bit, but didn’t tell us what exactly we were going to play. For me it was a little bit. I mean I was sad when it was my time to stop, actually I was really pissed. But you know. I mean I tried, but they told me I was done, and I said, ‘for this snap, for this drive?” and he [Coach] said, ‘no for the game.’”

C.J. Board, WR

(On his performance)

“I thought I was okay. I have things to improve on. There were a couple returns I wish I could have had back. I could have made something happen. But we got the win.”


(On winning on a last-second field goal)

“It’s awesome, it’s awesome. It is good, those guys out there, our offense, made great plays. We were able to kick it and win. That’s the goal, to always win. That is our main goal.”


Jihad Ward, LB

(On supporting his teammates)

“It’s all good, I still feel I am into the game, just chilling and supporting the other guys. That is what it is all about. Make sure everybody comes together as one. Give a lot of support out there and everybody gets comfortable. For some, it is their first NFL game so we want to make them nice and warm and comfortable. All the things we do in practice we try to just do in the game. Sometimes guys ask, ‘how am I looking on pass rush’ when they come out and it is fundamental stuff, so I am just glad to be out there supporting them.”


(On winning)

“I don’t care if it is a preseason game, we treat every game as a game. It’s a mindset. We humble ourselves and game day is game day. I don’t care if we play first string, second string or fourth string, it doesn’t matter. We do what we’ve got to do. I’m extra excited. Offseason was kind of boring for me so I am just glad to be back.”


Jamie Gillan, P

(On the winning kick and Graham Gano)

“It was great, yeah, it was great. Graham has been automatic so it makes it easy. A great team win, everyone did their job. It’s back to the drawing board tomorrow. We will lift some weights, watch some film, improve and then on to next week.”





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