Patriots QB Mac Jones


OCTOBER 8, 2023


Q: When you have a bad day, bad day last week, where do you start to refocus yourself to just leave that behind you and get back on the horse?

MJ: Yeah, just got to look at the film and get better and got to do a lot of things better to win in this league.


Q: Hey, Mac, it’s been a few games since you guys have found the end zone. Does it feel like it’s getting worse or where do you think it’s going and heading?

MJ: For us, just, like I said, we’ve got to do better in all three phases. Definitely the offense not putting up any points. Got to improve in all areas. And, you know, it’s hard, right, we don’t want to score zero points. It’s not the goal.


Q: Mac, on the interception, I know you’ve been talking about trying to avoid the turnovers. What did you see on the play that led to that?

MJ: It was just early. I’ve got to watch the film. But definitely don’t want to start like that and we got to start faster in these games. It’s been a trend here. So we want to improve and try and learn from it and do everything I can to get better.


Q: Hey, Mac, I was just wondering if you had any words for Bailey Zappe before he went in today.

MJ: Yeah, definitely not an ideal situation for anybody. And as an offense, the goal is to play better and put up points. So we all have to do that and got to practice that way and do things differently and figure out how to put up points.


Q: Mac, how do you stay confident after a couple weeks in a row like this?

MJ: Yeah, it’s definitely hard, right, but confidence comes from years of experience and practice and things that you accomplish, but also trying to get better and learn from everything. So definitely need to be better as an offense and I really feel like we need to take on the challenge and do what we can to be better.


Q: Mac, with the results being what they are and you finishing two straight weeks ending the game on the bench, do you start to feel like you’re playing to keep your job?

MJ: Like I said earlier, just trying to do better as an offense. You know, we didn’t score any points. So that’s the important part, is scoring points and executing your job. And I try to just execute my job.


Q: Mac, do you feel sped up or focused on the rush a little bit more than usual than the last couple games?

MJ: I don’t know, I’ll have to watch the film. But, I mean, it’s the NFL. They got good defensive linemen that are coming every play and they’re trying to hit the quarterback. So I’ve got to do a better job. But as an offense, just got to, you know, rethink things and really just focus on what we control and that’s scoring more points.


Q: Mac, you guys have had slow starts really all year. What can you put your finger on offensively that has help lead to some of those slow starts?

MJ: Really, just not being ready to go, I guess. I mean, as an offense, you want to go out there, you’ve practiced all week and you feel confident so definitely want to get improvement on that. And not any of these games are not starting off very hot, so we’ve just got to improve.


Q: Mac, obviously, the crowd got on you guys today. Is it difficult to stay focused and execute when that’s going on?

MJ: Not really. I think, obviously, it wasn’t very good and everyone’s frustrated and we have to do things differently and better to put out a better product, really. So everyone’s frustrated. Of course, we’re frustrated. And at the end of the day, you just have to turn that into action. So got to work hard and try and fix this.



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