Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick


December 19, 2022


Q: I wanted to ask about the red zone sequence at the start of the second quarter. You had the two timeouts that were taken. What is happening that is contributing to the plays not getting in on time, if that’s the reason that the timeouts are being taken there?

BB: It’s a combination of things that we obviously need to do better.


Q: On that red zone sequence you guys are in the shotgun for first, second and third down. When you look at that, did you see that those plays with better execution, you were happy with those play calls? I guess that’s the first part and the second part is just being in the shotgun in that situation versus under center. What do you see the benefit to that?

BB: Well, there’s benefits to both. But it’s really a longer conversation than that. But without Hunter [Henry] there, that wasn’t where we had normally would’ve been. But that’s what it was. We did what we thought was best at the time, given the circumstances and maybe there’s other options that we’ll have in the future. We’ll see.


Q: Big picture wise, how do you grow as a team from a loss like that? Obviously, everyone is deflated after something like that. But how do you as a coach try to turn this into a positive?

BB: Follow the same process we always follow. Correct the mistakes, identify things we need to keep doing well and move on and get ready for Cincinnati.


Q: Obviously you always follow that process, but do you feel like after a loss like that anything is different? Or you need to just stick with what you have done traditionally?

BB: Well, every game is different. Every week’s different. So yeah, everything’s different but the general process is the same.


Q: You mentioned mistakes, where do you see the mistakes coming from? Is it youth? Is it inexperience? Is it difficulty getting through to players? How do you summarize why the mistakes have been problematic?

BB: I’ve never coached in a game where you weren’t coaching, making corrections and mistakes after the game on all levels, playing, coaching, everything, decision making, overall strategy, everything. That’s a part of every game, every review. I’ve never coached in a game where you didn’t have that. Then there are also things that you are positive that you look at that you want to try to build on. I think those elements occur in every game. I’ve never been in one that didn’t have both.


Q: On the final play, obviously a lot of focus has been on Jakobi [Meyers], but I assume you want Rhamondre [Stevenson] to go down in that spot, is that fair?

BB: Obviously we don’t want the result that we had on that play, so just leave it at that.


Q: The passing offense generated just 112 yards. I think Mac Jones was 13-for-31. The Raiders had trouble defending the pass, I know stats are stats and every game is different, I was wondering what you attributed the low production from the passing game to?

BB: Yeah, again, we just have to do a better job. We’ve thrown the ball well. In other games our completion percentage has been different than that. That’s not the standard, but just in general, we just have to do a better job.


Q: And then the third-and-10, naked boot to Mac, is that a play designed to draw extra time off the clock or was there an idea that he might convert that?

BB: Yeah, I think we definitely had a chance to convert it. It’s a situational play that they’re playing for the run, kept the clock running, forced another timeout or keep the clock running, however you want to look at it. [Maxx] Crosby made a good play and they reacted to it. Throwing the ball on third-and-10 or run another running play, those are your options.


Q: I know I asked yesterday about the blocked punt and I’m curious just after watching it, if there’s anything else you can add just on what contributed to that? What’s the mechanics of what’s happening there that would have the ball snap when it didn’t seem like all the players were ready?

BB: Yeah, no. I don’t have anything to add Mike [Reiss].


Q: And then, we’ve talked a lot over the years on situational football, I know how much you value it and just seeing some of the mistakes the team is making in that area, I was curious what’s your level of concern just that the coaching message, there’s a disconnect, like it’s not getting through to the players to produce the results that you guys want in those situations?

BB: Yeah, it’s the first thing I said after the game yesterday is we have to play better situational football, play and coach better situational football.


Q: What can you do to make that happen, I guess?

BB: Work on it. It’s not going to happen by itself.


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