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NOVEMBER 5, 2023


BB: A game where we had our chances. You know, had a chance there at the end, couldn’t make enough plays. Obviously had plenty of opportunities along the way that we needed to make more out of. Just disappointing result. Just got to do a better job of making the plays when we have the opportunities to make ’em. It’s as simple as that, so that’s really about it. It’s all the way across the board, all three units.


Q: I was wondering if you could go over the decision to not play Kayshon Boutte today?

BB: We activated the players that we felt were the best players to put in the game.


Q: At the end of the game, the fourth and two punt play, what did you see from Mack Wilson on that play? We saw you in a verbal exchange with the officials. What did you hear from them in terms of what they saw on that place?

BB: Yeah, you should talk to them about it.


Q: Were J.C. Jackson and Jack Jones benched to start the game?

BB: No.


Q: Why did Shaun Wade start and then not play after the first two series?

BB: Everybody played. They all played.


Q: Why didn’t Shaun Wade play after the first two series?

BB: They all played.


Q: Back to the decision to not play Kayshon Boutte. I know you chose who you wanted to out there and activated who you wanted to but earlier this week you said it was probably one of his best practices of the year in terms of the week. Why did you make those comments then, what did you see during practice?

BB: Because it was.


Q: In what areas?

BB: Because I thought it was. I thought he had a good week of practice. That’s why I said that.


Q: Just not good enough to activate him?

BB: We activated the other four receivers and Mike [Gesicki]. I mean, really Mike is our fifth receiver.


Q: On the Mack Wilson penalty, are you anticipating the officials might say something to a player in that situation like, ‘you’re over the line’? Is that standard as far as you’re concerned?

BB: No.


Q: Jack Jones not playing for the first quarter, that was not disciplinary in nature?

BB: We played all the corners. I think we played all the safeties. I think we played everybody on defense.


Q: How much on the dressing four receivers was it tied to the plan to go in and play a lot of the two tight end stuff?

BB: Yeah, Mike [Gesicki] is like our fifth receiver. He played a lot.


Q: On the fourth down on the first drive, that ball 39-yard line, how much discussion is there when you went for it, to either kick a field goal if that’s within range or punt? How were you navigating that?

BB: We went for it. We thought we had a good play.


Q: Did you consider kicking?

BB: We thought we had a good play.


Q: I saw you were wearing a pin during the game. I was wondering if you could you explain what that meant.

BB: Yeah, it’s a recognition of the TAPS Program. The Maloney family, he was in in the Navy and passed away.


Q: Several times you had Sam Howell on the run, but he kept his eyes downfield and made plays. How frustrating and difficult is it to go against a quarterback like that that can scramble and make plays?

BB: Well, we know when the quarterback is out of the pocket, then that’s what they’re going to do. We kept him in the pocket a lot but there were times when he got out. It’s not a good thing.


Q: What was the issue with the offense sustaining drives and piecing them together, especially late in the game today?

BB: Yeah, I mean, we moved the ball, but weren’t able to finish as many as we needed to. Had our chances, as I said. Need to make more of those opportunities. We had plays that we just couldn’t obviously quite make. You saw them.


Q: Up 14-10 at the half, how do you think the defense played in the second half specifically?

BB: I think defensively we had our moments, but overall there were a lot of things we need to do better.


Q: On the Mac Jones pass play at the end of the game to JuJu Smith-Schuster, are you comfortable with that decision or would you rather see him make a different read in that spot?

BB: I don’t think it was really the read. Don’t want to lose the ball there. We’re in field goal range – it’s a long kick. But the ball gets tipped up in the air, made an interception.


Q: Can you talk about the third down defense? Washington converted a couple third and longs.

BB: Yeah, we didn’t tackle well. It was obvious.


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