Head Coach Bill Belichick – Postgame Press Conference (12/29/19)


BB: Alright, well, there’s obviously not too much to say. Obviously, we didn’t do anything well enough today to deserve to win. So, we’ll be playing next week and we’ll see who that is and still have opportunity in front of us here. We need our best football, and we didn’t have it today, but hopefully it will be there next week.

Q: What was the play call on the last play of the game? How much of it was a designed play call?

BB: Yeah, it’s our last play. So, we’re trying to find a way to score.

Q: At the end of the first half, you had an opportunity to call timeout before the Dolphins punted and then use timeouts when you had the ball…

BB: Yeah, we would have done that if we got a first down.

Q: Did the Dolphins trick plays throw you off balance at all in terms of reading keys? In the second half, was it just that they were executing well?

BB: Yeah, look, they’ve done a good job. I think we all know what they’ve done offensively in the last six weeks or so of the season. We expected some trick plays. We didn’t know which ones they’d be or when they’d call them, but I mean, that wasn’t a big surprise.

Q: How much has this Dolphins team improved from the one you saw earlier in the season to the one you saw today?

BB: Yeah, I don’t know. They played well today.

Q: Was there always a thought of letting the clock run out at the end of the half? Was there any consideration to trying to get into field position to perhaps set up a field goal?

BB: Yeah, if we’d gotten a first down, we would have done that.

Q: At the end of the first half, why not take a timeout at 1:45? Is that because Miami had all three of their timeouts left?

BB: Yeah, we’d see what kind of field position we got, and then if we could advance the ball, then we’d take them. But, we didn’t want to give the ball back with their timeouts at the end of the half, either.

Q: Did anything that Tom Brady was dealing with physically affect your play calling at all in this game?

BB: No, he practiced all week. I mean, you’d have to ask him that. It didn’t affect the play calling though, no.

Q: On the defense, what did you think of Chad O’Shea’s approach as far as spreading you guys out, and why did you think that was effective?

BB: That’s what they’ve been doing. It’s what we expected them to do. They do a good job of it, obviously.

Q: How effective were the Dolphins on their crossing routes?

BB: Yeah, they did a good job. They did a better job than we did. Simple as that.