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DECEMBER 17, 2023


AR: All right. As far as injuries go, really Skyy Moore is the one that got – that had to leave the game. He hurt his left knee, just swelled up a little bit. All in all, a good win. We had some good things that took place. I’m going to start, which I never do, with special teams. I’m putting it out there. Tommy [Townsend]’s punt at the end was a beautiful thing, and it came at a good time. Pat [Patrick Mahomes’] day, over 300 yards and a couple TDs, made some beautiful throws and the turnovers look like we’ve got to make sure we hang on to that football. We’re getting better at that. We’ve just got to keep growing there as we go. Clyde [Edwards-Helaire] stepping up and doing a nice job, over a hundred yards there between receiving and running, big catch on the touchdown and brought a lot of energy to that sideline. Then, defensively, we picked it up in pass rush, came home with some big plays and then Willie [Gay]’s pick was a beautiful thing, too. So, all in all, good win to get. I mean, this is a team that is so close. This Patriot team is so close. Their number of losses against one score is crazy. Number one in the league there, and that defense, Steve [Belichick] and his crew, they’ve done a nice job with that defense. They’re salty and offensively, they had a nice plan there coming out.


Q: I know you’re focused on one at a time, but is there some real importance to this, particularly coming off the past couple weeks?

AR: Well, listen. When you’re as close as the AFC is right now, wins are hard to get and you better enjoy each one. They’re very important, and so this one, no different than that because of the situation. I like the way some of the guys approached this thing and leaders stepped up and did a nice job, and I mentioned Spags [Steve Spagnuolo] and Nags [Matt Nagy] on the offensive side, Dave Toub, their leadership was important at this time, and they did a good job with it.


Q: Coach, you talked about the approach. I talked to Nick Bolton after the game, he said the message coming into today was ‘win by any means necessary’. Was there a different approach this week?

AR: You know, well, they felt the question Sam asked and they know, players know. So, Nick’s a big part of that, his ability to get in there. He’s kind of playing with one wing there, so it’s tough for him to grab, but, man, he made some nice tackles today.


Q: You mentioned the Willie Gay interception, it’s been tough to come up with that great takeaway. Talk about the importance of that.

AR: Yeah, he was so close on the one, on the one that was a touchdown, the tight end. He was so close on that thing. So, he got a little bit deeper there and was in good position, a little different route, but he did a nice job with it. Willie’s one of the better athletes on this football team. I mean, he’s got great hands and great speed, and you guys have watched him here since we drafted him.


Q: With all that’s happened with Clyde in the last year or so, is there any point where he’s really gotten down on himself that you had to maybe try to bring him back?

AR: No, not at all. He’s been an energy giver, which you need.


Q: How do you see that?

AR: Smile on the face and comes to work every day trying to get better, and he doesn’t ever complain. He just goes out, if you give him two snaps, he’ll take the two, make it the best he can. If you give him, you know, 30, 40 snaps, he’s going to do great there, too.


Q: You thinking Pat put that ball over his head?

AR: Well, I just said don’t ever question little guys.


Q: With Clyde, it seems like you were able to use him a little more maybe the way that we all envisioned when he first came out, just more in the passing game. What’s the key to that for him?

AR: Well, he’s a good route runner. He’s got good hands, so he had opportunities today and did a nice job with it.


Q: When you come into New England as the defending champions, and you’re kind of at the top of the league, is there ever a moment where you marvel at how long this franchise with Bill [Belichick] did stay at the top? Is there part of you that newly appreciates just how difficult that is.

AR: He’s done an unbelievable job, best in the business, ever. That’s what you’re talking about, so, yeah. I don’t question it. I know how great he is, and I’ve got to deal with him by playing against him, so nobody better, not that I’ve gone against. Nobody better.


Q: I asked you this the other day, but in light of today’s developments, any plans to sit [Kadarius] Toney, take him out of the lineup for a little while until things turn around with him?

AR: We’ll see how things go. I’m not down on Toney. He does some good things, man, so we’ve just got to keep – he’s a young guy, so we’re not talking about somebody that has been in this league a long time.


Q: Taking a knee down at the goal line at the end, giving the ball back to the Patriots with 36 seconds left, is that a sign of respect for Belichick?

AR: Yeah. I mean, it was the right thing to do. Yeah.


Q: Coach, several fans with whom I spoke before the game today said this was their first NFL game, and a big part of it is that they’re now Chiefs fans because of the relationship. Would you just talk a little bit about the Taylor Swift effect on the team?

AR: Taylor Swift, yeah, listen, I’m a big fan. So, I’m glad she was here, and I hope she enjoyed it. She’s got a great guy she’s dating right now, so I’m happy for both of them.


Q: Travis [Kelce]’s elbow, was there anything to be said about that?

AR: Yeah, he kind of got a little stinger in there and came out for a little bit, but he went back in.


Q: Andy, Ekow Boye-Doe,  you mentioned the punt, but on that end, just the ability to be able to –  

AR: Yeah, that was pretty amazing. That was close.


Q: What did you see?

AR: I saw him control his — first of all, he’s real fast – but control his speed to be able to put it down, and then his balance of not falling in. When you’re that fast, that can be a tough – I’ve never been that fast, but I know it’s tough to control.


Q: The importance of leaders throughout the week, I just wondered what you saw from Patrick throughout the week?

AR: Yeah, he’s been great. He makes sure practices are tempoed up and going. I’ve told you before, every time he comes to the huddle, ‘Let’s be great’. That’s what he strives to do himself and that’s what he wants people around him to do.

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