Chargers QB Justin Herbert



DECEMBER 3, 2023


Q: How tough were the conditions out there today?

JH: Yeah, it was a tough day out there. You know, the rain, we knew coming into the game that we were going to have to deal with it. You know, I thought we did a good job practicing throughout the week getting prepared for it. We talked about it, but ultimately, it’s tough out there so we did our best, we battled and I thought the defense played really well today.


Q: No turnovers in the rain. I know that was a point of emphasis. How proud are you of that?

JH: Yeah, ball security’s big. That’s one of the three things we always talk about is limiting those turnovers, and any time you’re able to do that in a weather game like that, you know, I think that was huge for our offense.


Q: You’re probably frustrated if you have to punt, right? But when JK Scott’s out there, you know, pinning them in the 10, how much confidence does that kind of give the team?

JH: Yeah, we have so much belief in him. You know, he’s done such a great job all year, and to have a guy like that, who’s able to flip the field, especially in a game that’s as tight as this, you know, it’s super helpful for a team to be able to pin somebody back like that. He did a great job today.


Q: Justin, how much does this win revitalize the season?

JH: You know what? It’s a big one for us, but we have to take it one week at a time and, you know, we have a good opponent coming in to – I think – I believe LA next week, so we got to get ready for them. We’ll have a good week of practice, watch the film on this one, and take it week-by-week.


Q: Justin, what was your impression of the Patriots’ defense today?

JH: I thought they were really good. They’re really well-coached and they’re really talented on that side of the ball, and on offense as well. But, no, they fly around, they communicate really well, and, you know, they play passionate, fast defense, so it’s always a tough matchup going against then.


Q: Any personal satisfaction for you first time beating the Patriots?

JH: Yeah, we’ve got a ton of respect for the Patriots. We know how good they are and we know how good they’ve been over the past few years and several decades as well, so we have a ton of respect for them and for us to be able to get this win and moving forward, it’s huge for us.


Q: Sorry if you were already asked this, but the conditions, 40s and rainy, I know growing up in Oregon you’re probably used to it but it’s been a while. How did you see the conditions affecting you and the guys out there, you know?

JH: Yeah, it’s always tough when you’re playing in rain like that and as consistent as it was throughout the game, that’s the tough part. Growing up in the northwest, it’s two quarters, three quarters, it’s generally come and go, but this was a steady, you know, downpour so we did our best out there. No turnovers. I think that was big for our offense.


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