Bills QB Josh Allen



OCTOBER 22 2023


Q: Josh, another slow start to the offense. Can you pinpoint anything today?

JA: Execution. I mean I started off play one – Daw [Dawson Knox] makes a good play, falls off on the bow route. I need to see him there. It’s not a good way to start a game.


Q: When you say execution, Josh, you get to a point as an offense when you do execute. But it is kind of a pattern now within games where it’s slow. Is it a recognition of what defenses are doing? I don’t want to put words in your mouth. What is it that’s preventing you from getting to where you need to be earlier in the game?

JA: Well, I wish I knew the exact answer because we’d have it fixed by now. We’re going to watch this film and find a way to get there, whatever it is. Our season is not over. It’s a long season. Feels pretty bleak right now, but we’re going to figure it out.


Q: Are you all right? Your shoulder okay?

JA: Yeah.


Q: Did it affect you at all today? You looked a little off, I thought, at times. But pain management, any of that a factor at all?

JA: No. We’re good to go.


Q: You were pretty vocal this week about the offense and play calling and everything. You are fully confident in the plan that you guys take when you go in on a day like today?

JA: Yeah. Absolutely.


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