Patriots QB Bailey Zappe


December 17, 2023


Q: Bailey, could you take us through what you thought on your overall performance today?

BZ: Just simply not good enough. Started out hot in the first half again, like we did the previous week. Came in here, made adjustments, understood what we wanted to attack. Went out in the second half, threw an interception on the first play of the second half, which is terrible on my part. You take away that, you take away seven points, it’s a whole different game. I mean, they got the ball on whatever yard line it was, and two plays later they scored so I mean, that’s on me. You take away that play, it’s a different game. Not good enough, there’s things that I’m going to clean up going into next week and get ready for the Broncos.


Q: On that interception, what did you see? Did you not see Willie Gay in front of the receiver?

BZ: No, I saw him. That’s just miscommunication on our part. I thought he was going to keep going. He felt Gay was on the back of his hip, so he was going to keep it vertical. That’s on me. I was able to make a guy miss. I just need to throw it out of bounds. It’s first down. You throw the ball out of bounds, second down and ten, who knows what happens on that drive. We were able to move the ball all day up to that point. I’ve just got to be smarter. I’ve got to be better. That’s on me.


Q: Bailey, what was the feeling like after the pick? You kept pushing, especially in the fourth quarter. Did you feel like you’d go for it more on fourth down, maybe open it up a bit more? What was the mentality going forward as you were behind?

BZ: Yeah, we’ve just got to score points. All the situation stuff, going for it, things like that, that’s a coach’s decision. Whatever play gets sent in, I try to execute it to the best of my ability. We’re playing a really good team. Defense played their butts off. We’ve got to help out a little bit. That interception, first play of the second half, I didn’t do that. I’ve got to fix those.


Q: You guys have been dealing with a lot of injuries. What was the mood like seeing Cole Strange go down? David Andrews said he was sort of mad that they brought the cart out, he wanted to walk off the field. What was the mood dealing with that and the injuries today?

BZ: Yeah, I mean, injuries suck, no matter who it is. Especially when it’s your brother, a guy that I came in here with, I spent every day with, I’ve gotten to know him. Me and him are great friends. We’ve been together for the last two years. Injuries suck. I mean, stuff happens, though. But I pray for him and I hope everything’s well for him and he can have a speedy recovery and get back and start playing ball.


Q: You mentioned adjustments at halftime. Did you see any from them that marked a stark change from what they had shown in the first half?

BZ: Yeah, I mean, they brought – there was one time I got sacked on a corner pressure. They didn’t do that in the first half. They did it in the second half. They got me on that one. It’s something that we watched on film all week to be ready for. It’s was just something I missed. Sent the mike the wrong way. I’ve got to mike it backside, just things like that. They adjusted. We adjusted. I just didn’t execute our adjustments. That was the difference. So I’ve just got to get better.


Q: Along those lines, was that the main difference? The first half performance you had conviction, you were performing the way you wanted to, and the second half it seemed like that wasn’t there. Was it the inability to react to their adjustments?

BZ: No, I wouldn’t say that. I mean, I think you’re going to look back at film tomorrow, there’s going to be a lot of things that maybe if I just do this a little bit different, it’s a bigger play. Instead of throwing it one way, maybe I hit Zeke [Ezekiel Elliott] in the flat. Maybe he gets 10, 15 yards. Maybe the first play of the second half, I throw it out of bounds, or I just scramble and get five yards. It’s not an interception, they don’t get the ball on the five-yard line, they don’t score a touchdown. Just things like that. It directly reflects on me because it’s my fault, I’ve just got to get better at it.


Q: You mentioned the corner blitz. Some of those blitz pressures, did you feel like it was protections, routes? What did you feel like led to some of those issues?

BZ: Personally, the issues aren’t anybody else’s problem but mine. I control that stuff. I do it. If I mike it right, that’s where people are going. If I mike it left, that’s where people are going. I’ve got to see it. I’ve got to use my cadence. I’ve got to use what the coaches gave us throughout the week as far as tendencies and everything. I’ve got to use it to my ability. I didn’t do it on that one play that got us. There’s other plays that we were able to get on the same page communication-wise and pick everything up. They got us on that one, and it was a pretty big play.


Q: What has it been like with Hunter Henry, another big day today, and your rapport with him? How tough was it to see him go down?

BZ: Yeah, I mean, Hunter is a great tight end, receiver. He can do practically anything you want him to. We have a lot of guys like that in the tight end room and the receiver room. Personally for me it makes my job easier because I feel like no matter what they do versus Hunter, I feel like it’s a mismatch. I just let him have his time, let him get open, I can make a play, throw a good enough ball where he can make a play. I think we’re filled with guys like that in our room. It just comes down to me getting the ball to them, good ball placement, where they can get YAC after the catch. Just up to me to get them the ball.


Q: After that interception, when you go over to the sidelines, what’s your mindset? What are the conversations you’re having to get yourself ready to get back in there?

BZ: Yeah, the hardest thing about it all is to forget it and wash it. Personally you want to be perfect. You want to not have any turnovers. When you have a turnover, you’re mad at yourself because it’s so easy just to step up and throw it out of bounds. Like, “Why didn’t you do that?” That’s the kind of things you ask yourself. Once the next series comes, you just forget about it, try to move on, tell yourself when that opportunity comes again, when I’m in that situation, I’m going to do something different, I’m not going to do that. It’s just learning from those things and just getting better. That’s what it’s all about. We’re lucky this week, we’ve got another week to get better and go after the Broncos. They’re a great team. I’m excited to get after it.


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